Way back in 2012, I had an epiphanous moment while showering one morning. It was one of those things that one ponders for some time and then “Eureka”! On went the cranial light bulb and I decided that a “Rhodes Stoepsitfees” was a worthwhile concept to expand upon.


The most mundane yet significant activity that takes place day in and day out, year in and year out, in and around the village, is something that has been done since “Pa fell of the ossewa”. Stoepsitting has been part of the fabric of life in Rhodes and indeed, the entire world. Folk get together over a “cuppa” and natter on about whatever is “flavour of the day” or “skinder stories”.


I accordingly decided that expanding on the theme would be a great opportunity for visitors to meet and mingle. The Stoepsitfees therefore allows “minglers” to meet local residents. Accordingly, it provides an opportunity for local residents who are not directly involved in tourism to meet visitors. All-in-all a form of social cross-pollination! In particular, being on such an individual level and with personalised attention, the event presents an actual window into rural living in a remote area. Elke Oom en Tannie het ‘n storie, maar nie net een nie, sommer baie!


February was specially selected for its balmy mid-summers days, figuratively and literally grass green veld and generally, scenic splendour.


Stoepsitting should, in fact, be a national if not international event endorsed by medical practitioners and stress relief experts throughout the world for its wonderfully therapeutic and soul-restoring properties. Being a low-key, no stress event, stoepsitters will have at least two days during which they can meander from stoep to stoep.


Spin-off from the 2018 event was that the Guest of Honour, Ludwig Taschner of Ludwig’s Roses donated about 150 rose plants to the village. A few residents got together to plan the layout and Susan Koelz set about planting and maintaining the roses. Summer flowering is a veritable feast for the eye at its peak in February and into March.

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