Eastern Cape Birding Tours

Eastern Cape Birding Tours

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    More than 230 species have been seen or heard in the district and several rare species can be seen in the Rhodes area including the threatened Bearded vulture of which there are estimated to only be +-100 breeding pairs left in Southern Africa. The slightly more abundant Cape vulture is also found in these parts.

    An ever-popular little-but-not-so-brown-job, is the Drakensberg rockjumper, a species that is only found at high altitudes. The plateaux on the Naudesnek Pass and the road to the Tiffindell Ski Resort are host to these attractive little birds. Unlike the majority of LBJs, the female rockjumpers are also pretty little birds. Also at this altitude, Ground woodpeckers could be described as the yobbos of the Alpine bird world as they “kick up a row” of note.

    This is also one of the very few places where one can see no less than 8 species of chat, being the African Stonechat, Mountain Wheatear, Buff-streaked Chat, Familiar Chat, Sickle-winged Chat, Karoo Chat, Mocking Cliff-Chat, and Ant-eating Chat.

    Of the raptors, Vereauxs’ (Black) and Martial eagles are the biggest to be seen. Jackal buzzards can be seen all year round while Black harriers and peregrine falcons are seasonal visitors.


    Birds Of The Eastern Cape South Africa

    And The Sorounding Area

    Along the rivers and streams in the valleys, Giant kingfishers can be heard, if not seen and the more secretive and rare Black Stork may also be spotted, their bright red legs in stark contrast to their funereal black feathers. Barratt's Warbler in the summer, together with Layard's Tit-Babbler and Fairy Flycatcher. Yellow Canary, Cape Robin-Chat, Cape Bunting, Red-eyed Bulbul, Olive Thrush, wagtails, waxbills, and sparrows all may be seen in the valleys.

    Other seasonal visitors include the tiny but spectacularly beautiful Malachite sunbirds that frequent the variety of Redhot pokers (Kniphofia spp) that flower in sequence thus providing the little birds with up to 5 months of sustenance. Paradise flycatchers have also been seen nesting in the village.

    While nesting is the subject, a pair of resident African Harrier Hawks, previously known as Gymnogenes, molest aspirant “chick-raisers” in Rhodes and environs.

    Some Other Great Activities In The Area

    Eastern Cape Holiday Options

    Fly Fishing Giudes

    The Rhodes, Barkly East areas offer superb fly fishing possibilities on 9 or more pristine mountain streams.  Many of the rivers and streams originate 9000 – 10 000 ft above sea-level...

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    Wild Flower Tours

    Contrary to the many myths and legends a trip to the Rhodes Highlands, need not to consist of fly fishing only. Amongst the many other attractions is the floral wealth that has remained largely undiscovered by South Africans.

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    Hiking Trails

    Rhodes is surrounded by pristine mountains, streams, valleys, and waterfalls – not to mention the most magnificent array of flowers in season.“The Common” comprising the original Tintern Farm on which Rhodes

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    Scenic Drives 4x4 & 2x4

    Being located in the southernmost section of the Drakensberg range, Rhodes is central to a number of passes, the most well-known of which is the Naudesnek Pass, at more than 2500m above sea-level, is the highest in South Africa.

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    San Rock Art

    Rhodes is surrounded by pristine mountains, streams, valleys, and waterfalls – not to mention the most magnificent array of flowers in season.“The Common” comprising the original Tintern Farm on which Rhodes

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    Eastern Cape Bird List 1

    08 Dabchick,Common Resident
    055 Cormorant, Whitebreasted Common Resident
    058  Cormorant, Reed Common Resident
    060  Darter, Scarce
    062  Heron, Grey Common Resident
    063  Heron, Blackheaded, Common Resident
    065  Heron, Purple, Very Scarce Visitor
    067  Egret, Little, Very Scarce Visitor
    071  Egret, Cattle, Scarce Visitor
    076  Nightheron, Black Crowned, Scarce
    081  Hamerkop, Common Resident
    083  Stork, White, Common Sum. Visitor
    084  Stork, Black, Scarce Resident
    085  Stork, Abdims, Very Scarce
    089  Stork, Marabou, Very Scarce
    090  Stork, Yellowbilled, Very Scarce
    091  Ibis, Sacred, Common Visitor
    092  Ibis, Bald , Very Scarce
    094  Ibis, Hadeda, Very Com. Resident
    095  Spoonbill, African, Fairly Common Visitor
    099  Duck, Whitefaced, Scarce Visitor
    102 Goose, Eqyptian, Common Resident
    103  Shelduck, South African, Common Resident
    104  Duck, Yellowbilled, Common Resident
    105  Duck, African Black, Common Resident
    106  Teal, Cape, Scarce
    108  Teal, Redbilled, Scarce Visitor
    112  Shoveller, Cape, Scarce Visitor
    116  Goose, Spurwinged, Common Resident
    117  Duck, Maccoa, Scarce Resident
    118  Secretary Bird, Resident
    119  Vulture, Bearded, Resident
    122  Vulture, Cape , Common Resident
    126  Kite, Yellowbilled , Very Scarce Visitor
    127  Kite, Blackshouldered, Common Resident
    131  Eagle, Black, Common Resident
    136  Eagle, Booted, Scarce Visitor
    139  Eagle, Longcrested, Scarce Visitor
    140  Eagle, Martial, Scarce Visitor
    148  Eagle, African Fish, Scarce Resident
    149  Buzzard, Steppe, Common Sum. Visitor
    150  Buzzard, Forest, Resident
    152  Buzzard, Jackal, Common Resident
    155  Sparrowhawk, Redbreasted, Scarce Resident
    157  Sparrowhawk, Little, Scarce Visitor
    158  Sparrowhawk, Black, Scarce Visitor
    162  Goshawk, Pale Chanting, Scarce Visitor
    165  Harrier, African Marsh, Scarce Resident
    168 Harrier, Black, Scarce Resident
    169  Falcon, Gymnogene, Scarce Resident
    171  Falcon, Peregrine, Scarce Resident
    172  Falcon, Lanner, Scarce Resident
    180  Kestrel, Eastern, Redfooted, Common Sum. Visitor
    181  Kestrel, Rock, Common Resident
    182  Kestrel, Greater, Summer Visitor
    183  Kestrel, Lesser, Summer Visitor
    190  Francolin, Greywing, Common Resident
    200  Quail, Common, Summer Visitor
    203  Guineafowl, Helmeted, Common Resident
    207  Crane, Wattled, Very Scarce Visitor
    208  Crane, Blue, Scarce Resident
    209  Crane, Crowned, Common Resident
    218  Flufftail, Buffspotted, Very Scarce - (only heard at night)
    226  Moorhen, Resident
    228  Coot, Redknobbed, Common Resident
    230  Bustard, Kori, Scarce Resident
    231  Bustard, Stanleys, Scarce Resident
    232  Bustard, Ludwigs, Scarce Resident
    234  Korhaan, Blue, Common Resident
    245  Plover, Ringed, Scarce Visitor
    249  Plover, Three-banded, Scarce Visitor
    255  Plover, Crowned, Scarce Visitor
    258  Plover, Blacksmith, Common Resident
    264  Sandpiper, Common, Scarce Summer Visitor
    266  Sandpiper, Wood, Scarce Summer Visitor

    Eastern Cape Bird List 2
    Eastern Cape Bird List 3